Намери трансфер

25-06-2023 София (Т2) -

Traventuria’s Shared Shuttle Transfers run every day on fixed departure scheduled times and do NOT wait for any late passengers, delayed luggage or similar. If you have problems locating our buses, please message us on WhatsApp +13462202110, quoting your reference number and departure time.

Meeting point for the buses for the Shared Shuttle transfers with fixed departures is at the bus stop outside the airport terminal. GPS coordinates of the bus stops are:

Terminal 1: 42.68893780871784, 23.40228877891904;

Terminal 2: 42.68802423590908, 23.413751287458755.

KINDLY NOTE: for Shared Shuttle services no flight monitoring is carried out from our side! Due to potential delays (flight/luggage pick up), we advise you NOT to use it if your flight is scheduled to land later than the fixed departure time. If you fail to board the bus you are booked for, you will be allowed to board the next one in case there are free seats and against a full payment for the new ticket. For Semi-Private and Private Transfers: 1) Drivers meet you inside the arrivals hall of the airport with a sign (may be just your name on a phone); 2) If your flight is late, we will wait for you for an hour and a half after your flight arrival scheduled time. If your flight/train is delayed for more than one and a half hours, we will put you on to the next available transfer. This may mean a longer wait than normal, a downgrade in transfer type, or in some cases a charge for waiting time.

The Law on Road Transport Art. 6: Art. 6. Public transport of passengers and freight shall be performed by a carrier holding a license to carry passengers or goods on the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria. Traventuria Ltd holds license 03837 issued by the Ministry of Transportation and communication Transport-License-of-Traventuria.pdf